Edgardo Toro

PhD research student

Interdisciplinary Soc. Sci. in Health



Student area,3rd floor, Doorway 6, Medical Quad, Teviot Place

Outline Biography

Poet, Social Worker  Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile (1997), Master in Applied Social Sciences  Universidad de la Frontera, Chile (2006),  and  Master in Society Sciences , Université  París 12, France (2006). 

Lecturer and Researcher in undergraduate and post graduate,  School of Social Work  Pontifical University Catholic of Valparaíso, Chile.(1998 - ), and researcher  NGO Paicabi, Chile.(1998 - ) 

My academic and professional interests are: social violence,  sexual violence against children,  social intervention ,  qualitative research and discourse analysis.

I am funded by BecasChile scholarship CONICYT, Chilean Government.

Project Title

Analysis of programs, models of social intervention and interdisciplinary teams practices on sexual violence against children, the case of commercial sexual exploitation of children in Chile: a discourse analysis approach


Project details

The main aim of this research  is  “To describe, understand and analyse the programs of social intervention on CSEC, the social intervention models, and the interdisciplinary practices in commercial sexual exploitation of children, implemented in the last decade in Chile”, through a qualitative research with discourse analysis approach.


Dr. Ethel Quayle

Dr. Marion Smith


Publications/presentations/papers list for Edgardo Toro





1998 - 2013       Lecturer and Researcher:

                        The basics of social work level 1 and 2

                        Elective course Social violence

                        Elective course Analytic approach about childhood

                                Tutor of professional practices of social work.

2007 - 2013         Guide Professor Bachelor Degree Thesis.          

2011                Academic Internship Coordinator.


2003   Post title “The family in contemporary society”, Course Intervention in community social networks.

2007   Diploma Intervention in child sexual abuse. Course complex approach in child sexual violence.

2008   Diploma Social network in social system of protection. Module social analysis communitarian network.

2008 – 2013   Diploma Familiar Intervention. Introductory course and intervention in sexual abuse.

2009 – 2013   Lecturer Master in Social Work, Course: Socio cultural intervention

                             Academic committee Master in Social Work


2012   Diploma Social Network intervention, course social network analysis and final project. 

2012   Diploma Intervention in domestic violence and child sexual violence. Introductory course social violence approach and final project.

Other Universities

2006-2008   Post title “Intervention in Domestic abuse and child sexual abuse”, Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile, Course first actions in child abuse case. 

2010-2011    Diploma psychiatry and forensic psychology, Universidad del Desarrollo, Course, Intervention in communitarian social network.